Arbeitsgruppe Bioimaging




Ehemalige Mitarbeiter

Name, Vorname Titel Dissertation
Feilke, Martina Dr. 

Estimation and model selection for dynamic biomedical images

Happ, Clara Dr. 

Statistical Methods for Data with Different Dimensions: Multivariate Functional PCA and Scalar-on-Image Regression

Mohajer, Mojgan Dr. 

Cluster analysis of the signal curves in perfusion DCE-MRI datasets

Norousi, Ramin Dr. 

Automatic approaches for microscopy imaging based on machine learning and spatial statistics

Schmidt, Paul Dr. 

Bayesian inference for structured additive regression models for large-scale problems with applications to medical imaging

Sommer (geb. Kärcher), Julia Dr. 

Regularized estimation and model selection in compartment models